Saving a Life with Dianetics

By Megan | May 17, 2013

Hello. In November of last year, I was going through a very complicated and difficult situation with my ex-husband because he betrayed me with my best friend and I thought of taking my life to end this pain.
On 11.15.2012, I was on my way to the highway to somehow end it and stop suffering. I met my friend, Fiol Zabala, who was reading a black book with white letters titled Self Analysis by L. Ron Hubbard, and right off, the title impacted me.

Dianetics 1I asked my friend what the book was about. She told me “personal growth” and “it would help resolve any situation that I was going through”. I asked her to let me have a look and when I started to read it, I began to cry due to the sadness of the situation that was happening to me.I then felt as if the book was speaking directly to me.She told me she was going to do a session based on the rules of that book. And then proceeded to ask me if I remembered an occasion in which I had been happy, had done something productive, I had felt useful, etc. I was feeling, smelling, etc., in that way went the session and I was feeling much better as I went up emotionally. Now I understand that I was going up the tone scale.

DianeticsI was laughing very hard for when we were finishing the session, I was happy as if a great weight had been taken off me and I decided to not take my life, but to move on with my life. It was as a light in my path finding Fiol with that book.
I told myself that from that day Fiol was going to be my best friend and I would train with her to learn what she knows about Dianetics, Scientology and Hubbard’s works.
After that day I definitely left my past life behind. There is a before and an after the the session that changed my life. I have followed my life normally and I’m happy.
Now I am preparing to train with Fiol, I want to be like her, to do what she did for me to others. I definitely want to learn. That saved my life that day and made me a better person.

Now I’m trying to make a new life with someone, I am happy and I am content!Thanks to Ms. Fiol Zabala, to Mr. Agustin Pinto, who trained her, to the book Self Analysis and to Mr. Ronald Hubbard.Y. A. C