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It doesn’t take an extensive investigation to find out that there are situations and conditions in this world which are, to say the least, non-optimum.

One need only glance briefly through the news, or even just outside one’s home, to be reminded that we do not live in an ideal civilization – far from it. And the uncomfortable truth is that it factually isn’t getting better at the moment – its getting worse.

What does that mean? Well, for some of us, the problem might seem more distant than it seems for others. Some of us can just “turn off the TV” so to speak. Some of us can’t.

But even in the case of those of us who don’t live in poverty-stricken nations or war-torn lands, there are plenty of conditions which we probably wish were better – and plenty of problems we wish we could solve.

Different people have different outlooks on life, and different approaches to the problems of the world. Some consider it is all hopeless. Some don’t actually believe there is anything wrong. Some like things the way they are – commotion, chaos, and stupidity is profitable for them, or they believe it is. Some people are enthusiastic about making a difference in the world (and are accordingly scorned by those who fall under the former categories.)

Some people would really like to do something, would really like to make a difference, but they don’t know how.

With that said, I believe there is one thing we can all agree upon. And that is that there is one wrong approach – which is doing nothing.

Can you change the world? By yourself – probably not. To be bluntly honest. With a group of friends? Well – maybe if you are lucky enough to be a character in the latest action adventure movie. But in real life, we seldom see that team of five kids going out and saving the universe.

But, what happens when tens, hundreds, and thousands of people begin to work together? What happens if these people all work toward similar purposes in an even somewhat organized fashion? Whether it is building a pyramid or abolishing slavery, a bit of teamwork has always gone a long ways – for good or for evil, for that matter. One lone angel against an organized army of foes has never gotten very far, despite all the fairy tales in the world.

I’ve created this website in order to make the collaboration and co-operation possible so that individuals who want to make a difference in the world can honestly make a change.

The Internet has opened many doors and possibilities which have yet to be fully tapped. Ideas can be and have been spread to millions of people overnight, using the Internet. A small group of people today can become a tremendous juggernaut tomorrow. Remember, it is ideas and not battles that have shaped the path of mankind. And the Internet is a place of ideas. So lets use it.

There are many possibilities and many opportunities. I have many projects and ideas in the works, and I’m sure you could think of many more.

I will add new features to this website and inform you as things progress. I have plenty of ideas for projects which can actually make a difference in the world if enough people come together and contribute. And no – I don’t mean just “donate.” There will be simple and small actions you can take, some of which might only take five minutes, which can snowball into exponential results.

If you would like to join in and make a difference, the first thing you can do is subscribe to updates so that you can be informed whenever we embark on new projects, post additional information, or add further features and opportunities.

You will have the opportunity to contribute in ways that are not only highly effective, but far easier than you have probably imagined. Yes – you can always donate to a cause. But there are so many more ways that you can contribute, even if you don’t have money to donate – and in fact, even if you don’t have a lot of time.

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